Beyond Snack marks a significant stride in its expansion with the inauguration of a cutting-edge factory at India Food Park, Tumkur, Karnataka. This facility integrates advanced technology to triple production capacity.

A well-known brand of banana chips from Kerala, Beyond Snack, announced the opening of its new production in India Food Park in Tumkur, Karnataka. This state-of-the-art facility incorporates cutting-edge technology to ensure precision slicing and utmost control of the cooking process.

With a daily production capacity of 6.6MT, this factory will triple Beyond Snack’s current capacity, significantly enhancing the company’s growth plans for the coming year. Under the direction of co-founder Jyoti Rajguru, the structure was completed in a record-breaking 4.5 months, demonstrating Beyond Snack’s dedication to efficiency and innovation.

This factory will triple Beyond Snack’s current capacity, significantly enhancing the company’s growth plans for the coming year.

Strategically located to enhance the banana value chain, the Tumkur plant will bolster Beyond Snack’s control over the entire supply chain. In addition to the production capabilities, the new plant includes an R&D center focused on driving future innovations, solidifying Beyond Snack’s position as a leader in the savory snacks industry.

The facility is designed to accommodate four additional production lines, ensuring scalability to meet future demands. “We are thrilled to open this new facility, which represents a significant milestone in our growth journey,” said Manas Madhu, Co-Founder of Beyond Snack. “Not only does it increase our production capacity, but it also underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Currently operating with an 80% women workforce, the facility aims to become a 100% women-run operation by 2026, a first of its kind in the industry. “With a workforce that is 80% women and plans to reach 100% by 2026, we are proud to support gender diversity and empowerment,” Manas added.

Beyond Snack has made several key hires in innovation, new product development, and supply chain management, further positioning itself for sustained growth.“This facility is not just a production hub; it’s a cornerstone of our global growth strategy,” added Madhu. “As we expand our presence in India and internationally, this plant will play a crucial role in meeting the rising demand for our products.”

Beyond Snack has experienced remarkable growth since its inception in 2020 and the subsequent investment from NABVentures in 2023. The brand also gained significant exposure when it was featured on the business reality show Shark Tank India in 2022. Beyond Snack’s products, known for their superior quality and diverse flavors, have become a staple in households across Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, UP, Delhi and other regions, with plans to expand further in the coming year.

About Beyond Snack:

Beyond Snack aims to elevate Kerala banana chips to a global standard, aspiring to establish the brand as a household name akin to Lay’s association with potato chips. The chips maintain rigorous hygiene standards and are crafted using premium raw materials, ensuring top-quality bananas without cholesterol, trans fats, or GMOs, and free from artificial colors and flavors. Featuring a variety of flavors including peri peri, salt and black pepper, sour cream onion, parsley, and traditional salted options, Beyond Snack seeks to offer diverse choices to its consumers.

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