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Tax structure for food processing industries
Recent DevelopmentsSmall fund can help enterprising people create successful venture
We also have a challenge in bringing underprivileged section of our society into the mainstream development process so that fruits of economic development and growth reach that section of the society. Otherwise the growth will not be sustainable.
Review ArticleProduction, processing and consumption of turmeric
Turmeric  is useful in performance of various social, religious and family functions and also preparing different worshiping materials. There is a vast scope for proper utilization of turmeric for preparation of different value added products.
Traditional ProductsHeat and acid coagulated indigenous dairy products
Traditional milk products play a significant role in the economic, social, religious and nutritional well-being of our population. The modernization of processes for making traditional dairy products has taken impressive stride and added value to traditional dairy products.
Food LabellingTechnological developments in food labelling
Labels are the means by which products communicate with the consumers, traders, regulatory agency. For food labelling more innovative and economical ways are developed, as consumer demands more and more information.
Food SafetyFood safety and personal hygiene of employees in a food processing plant
A human body acts as a vehicle for micro organisms to travel and get transferred from one place, person, or object to other. Therefore an employee is a very potent source of contamination and its spread in a food processing facility. He carries it out in multiple ways, most of the times unaware of it.
Food IngredientsInternational food processors see potential in India’s food ingredient sector
Food Specialities Limited and Orana India – one with a wide base in the Middle East and the other a Danish supplier – are looking at India’s rising middle class to fuel their growth in the region.
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  • Food safety during Commonwealth Games 2010
  • Melamine norms in infant food formula issued
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Managing IPR

Managing Intellectual Property

Managing Intellectual Property

“Managing Intellectual Property” is a series of articles on intellectual property rights in the trade related matters. The series covers various dimensions of IPR, pertainign to the food processing industry, in the form of simplified legal text with suitable cases studies. We hope the series will benefit the food processors, policy makers, executives, managers, researchers, traders and other stakeholders in the processed food industry.Read More


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