The following are some of the recent Advisories and Orders issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Readers may download the original FSSAI Advisories / Orders from the direct link, of the FSSAI website, provided along with the text.

S.No.TitlePublished DateDownload
1.Order dated 27th October 2020 related to Constitution of Food Safety Coordination Committee (FSCC) for managing food safety emergency situation in the country11-11-2020pdf icon |
[0.43 MB]
2.Order dated 10th November 2020 regarding Method for Total pollen count and plant element in Honey10-11-2020pdf icon |
[0.15 MB]
3.Office Order dated 05th November 2020 related to Notification of FSSAIs Designated Officer for Central Licensing in Ladakh & J&K UTs under Section 36 of FSS Act, 200609-11-2020pdf icon |
[0.21 MB]
4.Order dated 09th November 2020 related to Clearance of imported consignments of Pulses09-11-2020pdf icon |
[0.21 MB]
5.Order dated 06th November 2020 related to Exclusion of Food Category “13” (Foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses) from the scope of Proprietary Foods06-11-2020pdf icon |
[0.70 MB]
6.Order dated 04th November 2020 regarding Grant of Advance – Special Festival Package to Government Servants04-11-2020pdf icon |
[0.38 MB]
7.Direction under Section 16 (5) of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 dated 28th October 2020 regarding import of speciality foods for IEM and hypoallergenic conditions01-11-2020pdf icon |
[2.80 MB]
8.Order dated 29th October 2020 regarding Extension of period for Modification of License by Existing FSSAI licensed Manufactures without modification fee29-10-2020pdf icon |
[1.02 MB]
9.Order dated 22nd October 2020 related to Appointment of Designated Officer for India Railways under Section 36 of FSS Act, 200623-10-2020pdf icon |
[0.02 MB]
10.Letter dated 19th October 2020 related to Extension of date for a mandatory food safety audit of Food Businesses under the FSS (Food Safety Audit) Regulations, 201822-10-2020pdf icon |
[0.19 MB]
11.Letter dated 09th October 2020 related to Audit of Meat / Sweet Shops all over India13-10-2020pdf icon |
[0.15 MB]
12.Clarification dated 12th October 2020 related to Requirement of Non-GM cum GM-free certificate to accompany imported food consignments13-10-2020pdf icon |
[2.02 MB]
13.Office Order dated 13th October 2020 regarding Notification of Authorised Officers under Section 25 read with section 47(5) of FSS Act, 2006 and Regulation 13(1) of FSS(Import) Regulation, 201713-10-2020pdf icon |
[1.35 MB]
14.Letter dated 30th September 2020 related to Direction regarding the display of “Date of Manufacturing” and “Best Before Date” in case of Sweets01-10-2020pdf icon |
[0.93 MB]

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