Givaudan launches PrimeLock+TM to deliver juicy deliciousness, flavour and stability while reducing fat in plant-based products. Encapsulates coconut oil to ‘cut back excessive fats content material whereas enhancing juiciness’ in plant-based products.

Givaudan has launched PrimeLock+TM, a patent-pending, natural, vegan-friendly integrated solution that mimics animal fat cells, enabling food companies to take plant-based product development and consumer satisfaction to a new level.

Consumers have come to love the comforting and warm sensation of biting into a burger; they savour and anticipate that first juicy, beefy bite. Now, with Givaudan’s PrimeLock+TM, food manufacturers can improve the consumer experience of their plant-based products.

The interaction between flavour, taste and texture is a key differentiator for plant-based products, though maintaining juiciness can be challenging as a high proportion of oils are often released during cooking causing a drier mouthfeel.  PrimeLock+TM encapsulates, protects and locks in both flavour and fat in plant-based meat substitutes, providing an authentic and delicious food experience.

This integrated technology enables companies to create great tasting, lower fat, plant-based products such as burgers, sausages and meatballs while improving the eating experience.

Sylvain Jouet, Global Product Manager for meat substitutes of Givaudan said: “Givaudan is committed to helping its customers create delicious plant-based products that consumers enjoy. To do this, we have built wide-ranging expertise and a growing suite of integrated solutions and technologies in the alternative protein space.

In 2019 we asked ourselves how we could improve the eating experience of plant based burgers; today, after extensive research and development, we are excited to launch PrimeLock+TM, a unique solution that delivers multiple benefits:

  • PrimeLock+TM protects the flavour and fat during cooking, releasing it gradually during cooking and consumption
  • Visual appeal is improved with a marbled, fat-like appearance
  • Stability during shelf life is improved as PrimeLock+TM separates flavours from proteins
  • PrimeLock+TM allows a reduction of up to 75% of the fat and 30% of the calories while improving the eating experience
  • PrimeLock+TM is a natural, vegan-friendly solution

Jouet continued: “Our portfolio of solutions is complemented by our growing network of protein centres around the world, where our experts in plant-based innovation co-create healthier, exciting plant-based products. We are pleased to welcome customers to the Zurich Innovation Centre Protein Hub and the Protein Innovation Centre in Singapore, as well as sites in other regions, to discover how PrimeLock+TM and other innovative solutions and ingredients can help them create winning plant-based formulas.”

Givaudan constantly creates and develops to expand its portfolio of Integrated Solutions and Technologies. PrimeLock+TM is part of the Integrated Technology portfolio and is a great example of Givaudan’s broad capabilities in this space.

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