Plant-Based Foods Movement Gains International Momentum with the Formation of the New International Plant Based Foods Working Group to Support Growth of the Rising Sector

Plant-based foods movement gains international momentum with the formation of the New International Plant Based Foods Working Group (IPBFWG) to support the growth of the rising sector. Seven international plant-based food associations have joined forces in a working group with a mission to support the sector’s development as it surges in popularity around the world. Formed just months before the United Nations Climate Change conference COP26, The International Plant Based Foods Working Group (IPBFWG) comprises like-minded associations representing companies and other organisations involved in producing plant-based foods in their respective countries and regions.

The working group members will align and coordinate on high-level strategies and initiatives to advance the plant-based food sector around the world. The current food system is widely acknowledged as one of the contributors to many of the most pressing issues facing the global population. Plant-based foods can be a part of the solution to issues that are top of mind for many consumers, companies, and governments and offer real advantages regarding water use, land use, and carbon emissions. Despite its diverse global footprint, the IPBFWG is united in its efforts to bring about a more healthy, sustainable, and humane food system.

Siska Pottie – Secretary-General, European Alliance for Plant Based Foods said, “The European Alliance for plant-based food is pleased to join forces with other national plant-based food associations, creating a global network to exchange knowledge and insights, to join forces when working on global plant-based related dossiers and to support the creation of national plant-based organisation accelerating the global transition towards sustainable plant-based food systems on the different continents.”

Marisa Heath – Chief Executive, Plant Based Food Alliance, said, “The Plant-based Food Alliance UK is delighted to be part of this hugely important working group which demonstrates that the international plant-sector is coming together and collaborating to enhance its influence and effectiveness in changing food systems. We can all learn lessons from each other as well as share resources and that will help us further the plant-based movement within the UK. Plant-based diets are a key solution to climate change as stated within the recent IPCC report and joining up the plant-based sector means we can push the agenda through global forums and work to get real change.”

Sanjay Sethi – Executive Director, Plant Based Foods Industry Association, said, “The Plant-Based Sector is seeing exponential growth, and a lot of effort needs to be taken to provide a level playing field for this nascent but promising industry. With the debut of IPBFWG, we have initiated a coordinated development; spirits are high and magnificent, just like one big family.”

Larry Lee – President, China Plant Based Foods Association, said, “We are very pleased to join IPBFWG and work together with other country associations in promoting the healthy and sustainable plant-based diets. I truly believe this will be a huge push to build up the plant-based foods ecosystem around the world. We will devote ourselves to helping the companies in China and from abroad as well develop in Chinese plant-based food market.”

Vinciane Patelou – Director, European Plant Based Foods Association, said, “Since 2003, ENSA the European Plant-based Foods Association has been working to raise awareness about the benefits of plant-based foods. We are delighted that the collaboration with our sister organisations across the globe is becoming more formal as the world is increasingly seeing the importance of shifting towards more plant-based diets in a healthy, sustainable and resilient food system.”

The IPBFWG aims to:

  • Support the growth of the plant-based foods movement worldwide;
  • Promote the creation of a level playing field for plant-based foods;
  • Foster communication, share expertise to help support the development of the industry; and
  • Promote international standards, terminology, and certifications to aid in commerce and
  • consumer acceptance of plant-based foods.

Currently, IPBFWG’s executive leadership is composed of the following organisations:

  • PBFC – Plant Based Foods Canada,
  • PBFA – Plant Based Foods Association (US),
  • EAPF – European Alliance for Plant Based Foods,
  • ENSA – European Plant Based Foods Association,
  • Plant Based Food Alliance UK,
  • China Plant Based Foods Association, and
  • Plant Based Foods Industry Association (India)

Beyond its seven launch partners, the IPBFWG will expand its membership worldwide, with more organisations expected to join.

• For More Information about the IPBFWG here: | Photo created by freepik

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