Butchering not male-dominated domain anymore, ‘TenderCuts’ proves it, opens its first all-women store in Channai.

Chennai: Omnichannel meat and seafood brand, TenderCuts announced opening its first all-women store in the city and said it plans to establish more such outlets across the country. The store was an extension of TenderCuts’ vision to enable all shoppers, especially women, to step into meat or fish buying experience, a press release said.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Aruna Jathar, Chief Marketing Officer at TenderCuts said, “As a woman, I’m proud to be a part of a brand that values women and allows women to break gender stereotypes. TenderCuts is a brand that has always encouraged women to don different roles and responsibilities ensuring a better career for themselves. This is a first of its kind initiative in the retail segment as we welcome our customers including women to enjoy the meat and seafood buying experience at our stores.”

Workers at TenderCuts all women sote
“A butcher is a butcher. Be it male or female”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr.  Sasikumar K, Co-Founder and the Chief Business Officersaid, “Butchering is not a common career opportunity for most women but at TenderCuts today, there are more than 100 women butchers who are trail-blazing a new career. We are very proud to have launched this predominantly women store in Chennai and planning to launch more such stores across India.”

“A butcher is a butcher. Be it male or female. However, the gender disparity has, for ages, been prevalent in the society. Butchery has almost always been considered as not a woman’s job. But we disagree,” says Chinna Ponnu 45-year-old, clad in a sari and an apron with the words ‘TenderCuts’, picks a hefty blade and begins sharpening it across a board. She, who was barely 17 years old when she picked up the work after her father’s passing, is a real-life testament to this.

Like Chinna, Hajera Ismail, too, had been the backbone of her husband’s meat shop till a better opportunity presented itself at TenderCuts about six months ago. “I am not new to handling animal carcasses, heavy blades, the smell of meat or blood. However, here, as part of the training, I was introduced to things that were beyond butchery.

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