Winpak Ltd., an industry leader in sustainable packaging innovations, is pleased to provide some exciting updates on its sustainable product lineup.


Following up on the 2019 launch of its ReFresh™ Recycle-Ready films product portfolio, Winpak has made significant progress within the last 18 months on the commercialization of its forming and non-forming recycle-ready films – ReForm and ReLam. Anchored in its vision “To Provide the Best Packaging Solutions for People and Planet”, Winpak has already onboarded customers throughout North America on a fully commercial scale.

“These revolutionary materials provide a unique advantage to customers looking to make substantial reductions to their carbon footprint and comply with their sustainability pledges”, said Reinaldo Piña, Technical Product Manager Multi-Barrier Films at Winpak. “They are available to interested customers in North, Central and South America as we expand our portfolio into new applications everyday”.

ReForm and ReLam are over 95 percent from the Polyolefin family. They would meet the requirements for Polyethylene mono-material recycling streams with a barrier component of less than 5 percent to maintain the highest shelf-life standards required in the food industry. Their superior machineability, optics, and performance are comparable to traditional multilayer structures.

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Both materials are pre-qualified* through the How2RecycleTM and NexTrexTM store drop-off recycling programs. For brand owners and retailers looking to follow the “Golden Design Rules” by the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) for flexible packaging, ReForm, and ReLam are excellent choices.

Winpak provides ReForm and ReLam in multiple gauges from 75 to 275 microns and 65 to 175 microns, respectively, with easy peel options on the non-forming material. Both materials can also contain post-consumer resin content (PCR), certified by the ISCC PLUS standard.

*Final approvals are provided by How2Recycle™ and NexTrex™ based on their own evaluation standards.

About Winpak

Winpak Ltd. manufactures and distributes high-quality packaging materials and related packaging machines. Winpak’s products are used primarily for packaging perishable foods and beverages and in healthcare applications. Sustainable practices are part of the Company’s daily work processes and are incorporated into its guidelines and strategic planning.

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