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Expanded Your Advertising Opportunities

Advertise on Website

Since our content covers the entire spectrum of the food & beverage processing and packaging industry, we have the ability to run highly targeted campaigns for specific professionals and consumers alike. The ‘Processed Food Industry’ (PFI) is also an excellent medium for companies to communicate their corporate image, and achievements across the food processing and beverage industry.

We offer a wide variety of branding and targeting options to make it easy for you to propagate your brand. 

Reach the right audience and generate targeted interests

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Advertise in Print Version

Although people are moving towards digitization, however, one still feels pleased to have a hard copy in hand when reading the story and so we print in significant numbers. This platform allows you to share your success stories, branding, advertising, etc. to attract your target audience and create more business. We are ready to promote you with the help of our extensive media platform.

Sixty percent of its readership consists of MDs, GMs, CEOs, and Senior Management personnel. Ninety-two percent of the readers look for information from advertisements too.

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Advertise on eNewsletter

E-newsletters are a regular feature of the Processed Food Industry. Our subscribers look forward to seeing what we’re featuring on the website, what events are upcoming, what the contents are of our latest magazine issue. Advertising on Processed Food Industry e-Newsletters provides a cost-effective communications channel to:

  • Maintain and strengthen customer connections and promote brand loyalty.
  • Deliver product/service advice, company news, and other information of interest to a highly targeted audience.
  • Inform and educate potential customers about your products and services, as well as upcoming announcements.
  • Grow your social media community to extend your marketing reach.