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Meat & Poultry

Meat & Poultry

Meat & Poultry The growing number of fast food outlets in the country has had a significant impact on the meat and poultry processing industry in India. There is a large potential for setting up modern slaughter facilities and development of cold chains in the meat and poultry processing...

Consumer Foods

Consumer Foods

Consumer Foods There are a large number of players in the organised as well as unorganized sector of food industry. The organised sector is small but growing – for example, it forms less than 15 per cent of the dairy sector and around 48 per cent of the fruits and vegetable p...



Dairy Processing In the dairy sector, though the share of organized sector is less than 15 per cent, it is expected to rise rapidly, especially in the urban regions. Among the milk products manufactured by the organized sector, some of the prominent ones are ghee, butter, cheese, ice creams,...

Grain Processing

Grain Processing

Grain Processing India produces more than 200 million tonnes of different food grains every year. About 15 per cent of the annual production of wheat is converted into wheat products. Primary milling of rice, wheat and pulses is the most important activity in food grains processing. Indian B...

Fruits & Veggies

Fruits & Veggies

Fruits & Veggies Processing Over the last few years, the industry has seen a positive growth in ready-to-serve beverages, fruit juices and pulps, dehydrated and frozen fruits and vegetable products, pickles, processed mushrooms and curried vegetables. This sector is expected to grow to 1...


Food Packaging

Food Packagingfood_packaging Food Packaging is the means and vehicle that preserves and delivers the food product to the consumer in good shape. Read More

Food Regulations

Food Regulationsmagz1 New Food Safety and Standards Act of India is now notified and work on formulation of regulations is on.Read More

Functional Foods

Functional Foodsprocessed food productsThe functional food is one of the several areas of the food processing industry that is experiencing fast growth...Read More

Editors Choice


Processed Food Industry Magazine -- Editor's Choice

Impact of Corona Virus Pandemic on Indian Food Processing Industry

If lockdown, due to the Covid-19 break out, continues supply chain has to get badly impacted. Although there is a relaxation for food processing industries to operate however getting workmen and input materials seems to be still a problem, writes Rajat K Baisya

Food, and more particularly the primary food is essential for survival. But processed food is not. However, processed food constitutes the main meal of the poor, particularly those who don't have time to cook and have to eat lunch and dinner out. Their population is not insignificant. In this category, we have also young unmarried working population including executives and industrial workforce. For them, street food, roadside Dhabas, hotel food, fast food and ready to eat food and even so-called junk food supply and availability is a mustI have seen some of the workers and drivers on the move take ParleG biscuits available at Rs 5 a pack and tea for their lunch if they are in places where nothing else is available. These make some categories of processed foods also essential. Read More

And in other news
essentialThe FSSAI has informed that the PFA Rules, 1955 provide restriction on use and sale of artificial sweeteners.  Read More...
clean_kiwi_fruitThe Vision 2015 foresees the level of processing of perishable to 20% from 6%, value addition enhancment to 35%.  Read More…

What's New

Livzon Pharmaceutical Group of China filed a patent application, India countered by stating Ayurveda & Unani text books. EPO decided to cancel China's claim.   Read More...


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'PFI' Covers

PFI Online Covers New Technologies, Food and Packaing Trends, Development in New Ingredients, New Products Launches and much more in the sphere of processed food industry...

Managing IPR

Managing Intellectual Property

Managing Intellectual Property

“Managing Intellectual Property” is a series of articles on intellectual property rights in the trade related matters. The series covers various dimensions of IPR, pertainign to the food processing industry, in the form of simplified legal text with suitable cases studies. We hope the series will benefit the food processors, policy makers, executives, managers, researchers, traders and other stakeholders in the processed food industry.Read More

Value Addition

Value Additionvalue addition in food industry The level of value addition in food industry has increased, driven by changing consumer preferences. Opportunity in the value-added food category is beginning to emerge for Indian food industry.Read More

Quality Management

Quality Managementfood qualityQuality management is focused not only on food product/service quality, but also the means to achieve it. Read article on quality issues by some eminent professionals in the food processing industry.Read More

Food Additives

Food Additivesfood additives and ingredientsConsumer expectations can only be achieved using modern food technologies which include the use of a variety of food additives and ingredients. Know more about them.Read More

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Livestock Economics

More than 75 percent of the rural households in India depend on livestock sector for supplementary income. This sector contributes 30 percent of the total income from agriculture in the country. Annual growth rate in livestock sector is more than four times in agriculture.Read More

Food colours -– why do we need them?

Colours are vital marketing tool to ensure the consumer appeal. Food colours are therefore used to restore the appearance of a food/drink after processing and also to help to maintain the particular shade of a product for the duration of its shelf life.Read More
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