Mondelez International plans to reopen a potato chip plant, located on the outskirts of Kyiv, that was damaged in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, according to Reuters.

The facility, which was closed in March after suffering serious damage, will resume production while still undergoing repairs, a company spokesperson told Reuters. The plant, located in Vyshhorod, produces the Ukrainian potato chip brand: Lyuks.

Mondelez’s biscuit factory in the city of Trostyanets, in the Sumy Oblast province, will remain closed after suffering “significant damage” in February.

Chicago-based Mondelez International flagged in earnings releases that the impact of the war in Ukraine war on global commodities including wheat and oil will dent its annual profits by 3 cents per share and reduce its sales by $200 million.

The company, which owns the Cadbury brand, said it recorded $75 million in property, plant and equipment impairments from the war.

The Oreo plant – one of at least two Mondelez factories in Ukraine, according to Mondelez employees – was closed as soon as the war began, Mondelez said in an emailed statement earlier this year.

On 1 April, Mondelez, said telecommunications outages in the Trostyanets area have made it challenging to reach all of its employees. The company said that is also working with Ukrainian authorities to resupply water and power to the area and is donating wheat and sugar to local non-governmental organisations.