This innovative curry masala bread mix is set to delight the taste buds of consumers who appreciate the rich and savoury flavours of Indian cuisine.

Puratos India, a global leader in bakery, patisserie, and chocolate ingredients, announces the release of their new Easy Curry Masala Bread Mix. This unique product is sure to thrill consumers who enjoy the rich and delicious flavour of Indian food.

The Easy Curry Masala Bread Mix is a versatile product that can be used to produce a variety of finished goods, such as bread loaves, burger buns, rusks, paninis, pizza bases, crusty bread, and even hot dog buns. It is made with a blend of carefully selected Indian spices that ensures an authentic and flavorful experience.

Ashish Seth, Managing Director, Puratos Food Ingredients India Pvt. Ltd., stated, “Indian cuisine has always been praised for its exquisite blend of spices that create a truly distinct and memorable taste. The Easy Curry Masala Bread Mix is an exciting addition to our portfolio, reflecting our commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving tastes of consumers”.

“In addition to enhancing the offerings of our bakery partners, we believe this product will also introduce a wider audience to the rich flavours of Indian cuisine,” he said.

In a recent Taste Tomorrow consumer survey, it was revealed that millennials and Gen Z are increasingly drawn to savoury food and snacks over other options. This growing preference has inspired Puratos to introduce the Easy Curry Masala Bread Mix, which offers several advantages, making it a must-have for bakers and artisans. This bread concentrate simplifies the baking process, allowing artisans and bakers to spice up their bakery products effortlessly.

Despite the addition of spices, the Easy Curry Masala Bread Mix maintains the essential qualities of bread, including volume, softness, and strength. The mix results in an appealing crumb colour and an unmistakably authentic curry taste.

Puratos has carefully selected the best Indian spices to ensure an authentic and flavorful experience. India’s culinary diversity is a reflection of its rich culture, with each region boasting its own distinctive and identifiable dishes influenced by geographical, religious, cultural, and ethnic factors.

From the nostalgia of traditional family recipes to the authenticity of homely flavours, Indian food holds a special place in the hearts of many. Puratos’ global presence, long history of expertise, and R&D capabilities in India have enabled them to tailor products to match Indian preferences, values, and functionality.

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