Sitaphal is a fruit that requires some effort to consume. De-seeding is a task that prevents people from enjoying the fruit. However, with Naturals, this is not an issue. Fresh Sitaphal is sourced from Saswad, a fruit-growing district in Maharashtra.

The chunky chunks of the Sitaphal fruit and its flowers make their way into the ice cream, thanks to Naturals. Naturals have even gone so far as to develop de-seeding equipment just for this flavour. As a result, producing this ice cream is nothing short of a #LabourOfLove.

Get your pack of Sitaphal ice cream at a Naturals near you

Siddhant Kamath, Director of Natural Ice Creams, said the brand is known for crafting delicious and authentic ice creams.

“Sitaphal ice cream is one of the most popular flavours from Naturals across the country. One of the reasons it’s so loved is that a lot goes into making it: innovation, effort, love, and warmth, all in equal measure. And that’s why it is truly a labour of love. This year, our campaign for Sitaphal ice cream talks about these aspects, and we hope it will resonate with ice cream lovers across India,” Kamath said.

The Sitaphal flavour is now available across more than 150 Naturals outlets across the country. Its irresistible taste is not to be missed.

Established in 1984 by Mr RS Kamath, Naturals is a pioneer in quintessential fruit-based flavours such as Sitaphal, Tender Coconut, Jackfruit, Muskmelon and Kala Jamun, amongst many more. Renowned for high-quality artisanal ice creams right from the start, Naturals was also included in India’s top 10 most trusted brands in a survey conducted by KMPG in 2018.

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