The new store will present Tata Starbucks coffees sourced and brewed from around the world. The menu will also feature Starbucks locally-inspired offerings, including South Indian Filter Coffee,

TATA Starbucks has announced the opening of its first island outlet in Alibaug, a lovely seaside destination. Starbucks’ high-quality Arabica coffees to local customers while also meeting the demand from global travellers to the city looking for their favourite Starbucks beverage while away from home.

At the launch of the Alibaug Store, Michael Conway, Group President for Starbucks International and Channel Development, Sushant Dash, CEO of TATA Starbucks, and Emmy Kan, President, Starbucks Asia Pacific were present.

Alibaug, the coastal town, has seen rapid expansion in both infrastructure and economic development as it has become a favourite second-home location and weekend destination for Mumbai residents. These factors have raised demand for premium beverage and food experiences, creating the opportunity for TATA Starbucks first store in Alibaug.

Located at a vantage spot at the M2M Ferry Terminal in Alibaug, the new store will present Starbucks coffees sourced and brewed from around the world. The menu will also feature Starbucks locally-inspired offerings, including South Indian Filter Coffee, Masala Chai, Elaichi Chai, a range of Signature Milkshakes and food options, such as Tandoori Chicken Panini Sandwich, Spiced Cottage Cheese Focaccia Sandwich, Herbed Chicken Focaccia Sandwich and more.

interior of tata starbucks island store in Alibaug
Interior of TATA Starbucks island store in Alibaug.

Surrounded by the sounds and vistas of the Arabian Sea, the first Starbucks Island store aims to provide a distinct Third Place’ experience to Indian customers. Spread across 2,500 sq. ft. and embodying the relaxed spirit of Alibaug, this store’s warm and inviting ambience is a tribute to its setting. It has been designed with captivating artworks that pay homage to Starbucks nautical origins and celebrate the rich tapestry of maritime mythology. Striking depictions of Moby Dick, the legendary white whale, adorn the walls, symbolizing the quest for excellence.

Michael Conway, Group President for Starbucks International and Channel Development shares, “I’m pleased to see how Indian customers have made Starbucks their destination for moments of human connection either with our green apron partners or family and friends in our stores. As one of the fastest growing markets for Starbucks, we are committed to innovation that exceeds our customers’ expectations and to nurture deeper connections across India’s vibrant coffee communities.”

Over the past decade, TATA Starbucks has played a pivotal role in elevating India’s coffee and retail experience. In the past year, Starbucks has expanded to 15 cities, opening 71 stores, and currently operates 370 stores in the market. With 40,000 weekly visitors to its stores, the brand remains committed to reaching new customers through craft and convenience as it expands to cities and neighbourhoods across India.

Speaking about creating lasting consumer experiences, Emmy Kan, President of Starbucks Asia Pacific shares, “At Starbucks, we prioritize our customers and their evolving tastes, hence featuring the best of Starbucks coffees globally as well as locally inspired food and beverage experiences here. Through this store, which is also the first ever Island Store in India, we aim to catalyze the growing demand for new and unique experiences while continuing to present our customers with a warm and welcoming Starbucks experience.”

Sharing his views on the brand’s growth in the Indian market, Sushant Dash, CEO, of TATA Starbucks shares, “For more than a decade, TATA Starbucks has remained unwavering in our mission to bring unparalleled coffee experiences to customers in India. From introducing local innovations to expanding into diverse store formats, like drive-thrus and 24×7 locations, we’ve consistently strived to make the Starbucks experience more accessible to coffee enthusiasts in India.

Our market success is founded on delivering the signature Starbucks Experience while continuously innovating and tailoring our offerings to meet the ever-evolving customer’s preferences. Our first Island Store in India at Alibaug is a testament to our consumer-first worldview. We look forward to welcoming coffee lovers to this unique concept store in the coming days.”

Starbucks entered the Indian market in October 2012 through a 50/50 Joint Venture with TATA Consumer Products Ltd and currently operates 370 stores in India across 49 cities.

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