Ashok Chaturvedi, CMD, UFlex Limited, released the report. It will help brand owners and recyclers to appreciate the technical processes, possibilities, and financial returns on recycling MLP waste.

Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, UFlex Limited, recently released a report on the recyclability of Multilayer Plastic (MLP) waste at an event organized and hosted by Plastic Packaging Research and Development Centre (PPRDC).

Plastics Packaging Research and Development Centre is a non-profit research and development center established by the Multilayer Plastics Films Sanitation Trust. PPRDC recently organized a one-day roundtable thematic discussion on “Sustainable Packaging and EPR Regulations” in Noida. The event agenda included a briefing by the PPRDC executives on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) norms and best practices for building a circular economy.

“At UFlex, we have always taken the lead in developing sustainable packaging solutions for our clients and for facilitating discussions with brand owners and regulators around recyclability of multi-layer mixed plastic waste. As a global leader in packaging, we have made significant investments in recycling facilities across our global locations to demonstrate the various applications of MLP waste. UFlex runs an advanced injection moulding facility at its Noida site and this was established to recycle granules and to demonstrate various possibilities to the moulding industry. Today, decorative, functional, engineering parts, household and office products, and hundreds of other articles are being manufactured with recycled granules at UFlex’s recycling facilities”, said Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, CMD, UFlex Limited at the launch of the study report.

“This report will help brand owners and recyclers to appreciate the technical processes, possibilities, and financial returns on recycling MLP waste. This will help brand owners fulfil their EPR responsibilities and play an active role in keeping plastic waste out of landfills. In a country like India, this could provide an impetus to MSMEs to establish recycling facilities and unlock the value and potential of plastic waste. UFlex is more than willing to share best practices from their own recycling operations that have been running successfully for more than two decades”, Mr. Chaturvedi added.

As part of the roundtable discussion, members of PPRDC’s advisory council and industry speakers discussed a wide range of topics, including environmental problems brought on by the careless disposal of plastic waste, the role of the organised sector in the management of plastic waste, leading India to a circular economy – road map, and the challenges faced by brand owners in complying with EPR guidelines, amongst others.

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