The longstanding ties between India and Japan are set to reach new heights with the Japanese Government’s promotion of premium rice wine, Sake, in India. The event on February 7, 2024, promises an immersive experience featuring top Japanese Sake brands.

India and Japan share deep-rooted ties that span centuries, encompassing various aspects such as people, business, geopolitics, and spirituality. These connections are nurtured by shared values centred around global prosperity, peace, and amity. The multifaceted mutual affection between the two nations extends to engagements in diverse fields, including cuisine, alcobev (alcoholic beverages), education, industry, research and development (R&D), sustainability, infrastructure, investments, socio-economic upliftment, and spiritual well-being.

One notable aspect of these win-win ties is their flourishing presence in the hospitality and fine-dining sectors. This has brought joy to Japanese expatriates and tourists while enhancing the love of Indians for Japanese food and premium beverages.

Sake Alcobev Celebration

Taking this collaboration further, the Japanese Government is promoting India’s entry & expansion of Japan’s global favourite – a premium brand of fine rice wine – Sake. Having taken steps to boost market appreciation, & availability, its premium brands will be sold at attractive prices. Japanese embassy is hosting on 7 February 2024, an enticing Sake alcobev appreciation & business launch event.

 Its Chief Host and Organizer is Mr Kojiro Honda, appointed by Japan’s National Tax Authority as Japanese liquor Import Coordinator to India, and he is also the co-owner and founder of Hirohama India Pvt. Ltd and Kuuraku India Pvt. Ltd.. He’s organizing an offline Sake Appreciation & Experiential meet followed by an educative webinar on the same day. This will showcase Sake from all over Japan, allowing people to know the variations of Sake flavours resulting from rice from Tohoku to Kyushu.

Focusing on different Sake alcobev types viz. Seishu Sake, and Koshu Sake(Vintage), Awamori, Sparkling Sake, it will enable attendees to experience differences in drinking styles and flavours. This will help in a better appreciation of what Sake is all about & depth of Sake when taken with different Japanese cuisine.

Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Embassy of Japan
Date & Timings: February 7, 2024  16:00 to 17:55
Webinar Link:

Well planned and expertly delivered after consistent successes globally, it will feature top Japanese Sake alcobev brands along with engaging sessions by global brand ambassadors and sommeliers Kotoko Yamada (Miss Sake 2023) & Nupur Tewari. Ms Kotoko will share how the popular ‘Sake’ alcobev from different areas of Japan come with unique tastes and experiences specialities. She will explain the background behind different Sake drink’s delightful taste variations resulting from premier rice from the Tohoku to Kyushu regions.

She will also focus on popular Sake drink types viz nama-shu, seishu and koshu, enabling event participants to savour unique specialities of different Sake consumption types with enjoyable taste variations while learning more about what Sake-experience is all about and the depth of Sake. Ms Nupur Tewari, the 2nd brand ambassador & co-host, will share how to enhance the overall experience of consuming Sake alcobev by pairing different Sake brands with varied delightful Japanese delicacies. She will conclude by handling attendees’ queries.

Commenting on this delightfully beneficial business opportunity, the Chief Organizer, Mr Honda, stated, “India as a country and Indians, in particular, have a special place in Japan’s global presence & with Sake, our significant win-win ties will be elevated to the next level. We are committed to making it a standout success for the benefit of Indian businesses long term.” 

Furthermore, Mr Honda said, “We are confident that the Sake launch Webinar will introduce the numerous ways the Sake consumption experience can be elevated translating into multiple business growth opportunities for importers and hospitality businesses. Spicing up Sake’s evergreen appeal will be delightful trivia that will make it more memorable for everyone. Joining Sake’s growing global popularity as an importer and consumption promoter is sure to be a huge success, as has been the case –  the world over.”

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