For relief efforts, Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI), handed over a sum of Indian Rupees Five Lakh Seventy Five Thousand along with food and blanket for Turkiye earthquake sufferers.

Nature’s blunt force is beyond human reckoning. The recent quakes in Turkiye have shown the world again how insignificant and fragile human lives are. But, one cannot give up on their fellow beings who are suffering, and everyone must join their efforts, which will make a great difference. Ascertaining this belief Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI) has decided to incorporate a support fund that will be focused on supporting the severe condition in Turkiye.

The FIFI administration has contacted H.E. Firat Sunel, Ambassador of Turkiye to India. It has initiated a campaign for sustenance to help cope with the aftermath of the massive damage caused to the 13.5 million people in the country’s ten provinces. While rescue operations are ongoing in the country, FIFI members were moved by the death toll and lives of those impacted. As an aftermath of the relief efforts, FIFI handed over a sum of Indian Rupees Five Lakh Seventy Five Thousand along with food and blanket aid to the Ambassador and assured continued support.

Pankaj Singhal, Founder Director FIFI, said after the meeting. “We heard that two earthquakes, followed by a winter storm compounded the misery in Turkiye and we were moved by the remark made by Ambassador Sunel, Dost kara gunde belli olur (a friend in need is a friend indeed).” 

He added, “We are thankful to the FIFI members who have joined hands to support a fellow nation in the hours of utmost need. While the amount handed over to Ambassador Sunel is just a token of our solidarity, we will continue to offer assistance to the best of our capabilities.”

Further aiding the continuing efforts by FIFI members Tarun Arora, Director OA Associates, offered in-kind assistance by offering a complimentary 50,000 sq ft warehousing facility in the State of Haryana to stock the goods received for relief efforts until they are shipped out of the country. 

He said, “At times it is necessary to offer practical aid too like the need of stocking the goods before they are dispatched in an ambient environment emerged during the discussion with Mr Ambassador. We are pleased that FIFI has taken the initiative to bring us all together and give a unified face to our fragmented efforts and channel them for larger impact.”

While FIFI will continue to consolidate the aid effort by its members and stakeholders they have also offered help in assistance clearance of goods to be exported out of India. Upon being asked about the subject engagement, Mr. Amit Lohani, Founder Director of FIFI, said, “The earthquake in Turkey was a tragic event that caused significant damage and loss of life. We welcome the Reserve bank of India and the Government of India’s swift and decisive action by granting special permission to open a rupee account by the Turkish Embassy in India, enabling direct and easy contributions to the relief efforts. Unfortunately, a few incidents have been reported about the fraudulent activities of taking money into a fake account. 

Thus, with this platform, we strongly urge the donors to send the donations directly to the Turkish Embassy Earthquake INR account and not get duped by any indirect non-trusted source request (Account Number 409001919272; IFSC Code: RATN0000400, RBL Bank, Malcha Marg, New Delhi). 

Furthermore, we also urge the supporters to kindly focus on offering the required support and it might be helpful for people to check what is needed at the time of donation. Beyond cash donation, it will be of more value to offer winter tents, sleeping bags, blankets, and related material.”

He was further quoted saying, “The news might move from the front page but, the re-establishment is a long time effort thus, we press on the need of unrelenting support to those in need.”