Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) will be conducting a pan-India Khoa quality survey after industry stakeholders raised concerns on adulteration. Khoa, also known as Khoya or mawa, is the main ingredient for traditional Indian sweets such as barfis, milk cake and peda among others.

The Commissioner Food Safety of all States/UTs were requested to select Khoa mandis in their respective States/UTs especially in big cities in the middle of October 2020 and encourage Khoa buyers to get their Khoa sample tested, according to the food safety authority.

FSSAI said that it had received about 700 samples from 15 States and UTs as part of the pan-India survey conducted in October and added that it is expected more samples from other States in the coming days.
The regulator said it continued to receive complaints regarding manufacturing and marketing of adulterated Khoa and recently the Federation of Sweets and Namkeen Manufacturers also raised concerns on the issue.

The regulator said that the final survey would help to identify the key hot spots for adulteration of Khoa in different parts of the country and strengthen efforts at the States/UT levels in devising targeted enforcement drives in the coming months.

Image by Flickr, Manfred Sommer