The Allana Group, one of India’s largest exporters of coffee announced its foray into the domestic coffee market in India to meet the burgeoning demand in the brewed beverage business. 

The Group has been a pioneer in green coffee beans exports since 1987 and aims to introduce international grade coffees to Indian consumers. Curating the finest beans with its in-house quality control, the group will remain focused on a B2B supply to domestic players as well as startups.

The group will set up a state-of-the-art roast and ground coffee unit in Karnataka and distribute in all major cities of India. Further, the group will also invest in roaster and instant coffee machines and cater to industrial customers and cafes.

Having an advanced facility to cure 30000 tons, the Allana group exports around 25000 tons of green coffee beans per annum. India’s coffee market has witnessed exponential growth with a CAGR of 10% over the last five years. 

Allana Group’s foray into the domestic coffee market will address the rising demand, catering to the capsule market in addition to special coffees and also cater to medium to high end commercial sector.

Commenting on the foray, M. P. Devaiah, Business Head – Coffee, Allana Group, said, “Allana has been at the forefront of India’s green coffee beans business. Our strong network in sourcing the finest coffee beans as well as our inhouse quality control differentiate and bring out the uniqueness in our coffee. Our introduction into the domestic market will aim to cater to true coffee aficionados and deliver a premium experience.”

Asim Allana, a sixth-generation member of the Allana Group promoter family, said, “Coffee over the years has become a mainstream consumer drink especially amongst the vibrant young generation in India. Our foray into the domestic coffee market is our commitment to provide one of the highest grades of coffee to our consumers. Being a veteran player in the industry, our extensive experience and expertise in the food business along with our world class infrastructure, we aim to create a superior and healthy domestic coffee market in India.”

With over three decades of expertise in the coffee business, Allana Group has been acknowledged and conferred with awards as the largest overall exporter of green coffee beans by the Coffee Board of India. The group exports all grades of washed and un-washed Arabicas and Robustas as well as Monsooned Coffees. Further, the Company continues to be one of India’s largest exporters of Specialty Coffee, thus catering to the needs of all types of buyers, be it specialty coffee, single estate coffee, or commercial coffee, particularly in Europe.

The Allana Group is India’s largest exporter of processed food products and agro commodities, including Frozen / Chilled Meat, Processed / Frozen Fruit and Vegetable products, Coffee, Spices, etc. Cereals. The company manufactures and distributes edible oils, margarines and specialty fats, bread improvers, and bakery ingredients in the domestic market.

Additionally, the Group distributes London Dairy Ice cream and Allegro olive oil. They export a range of branded food products on a sustained basis to 75 countries while maintaining the highest quality standards in procurement, manufacturing, and distribution. Their world-class integrated processing units and cold storage, invested with state-of-the-art machinery, have helped the Allana Group to evolve into a multi-dimensional and multi-product conglomerate.

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