Bevzilla, the curator of India’s first Instant Coffee Cubes, have announced the latest addition of Ashwagandha Coffee Powder and Turmeric Coffee Powder to its extensive portfolio of instant beverages. Coffee has become the go-to beverage preference for a majority of consumers. With health-consciousness at its core, Bevzilla stands on its promise to provide carefully crafted rich experiences of the best coffee flavours enriched with natural ingredients.

The Turmeric Coffee Powder comes loaded with nutrients and antioxidants proven to be effective for your overall health & wellness. With the herbal benefits of Ashwagandha, blended with a dose of Pure Arabica Beans, the Ashwagandha Coffee Powder, with its soothing aroma and subtle flavour is pure power to boost your body and mind.

Anurag Chhabra, Co-founder of Bevzilla commented, “Bevzilla has brought the most sought-after and delicious beverage experience in the form of cubes and powder. With Ashwagandha and Turmeric Coffee Powder as an addition to our existing range of products, we wish to serve our customers the highest level of quality and an enriching experience of a range of coffee which is infused with the goodness of nutrients and natural ingredients.”

Aakash Anand, Founder and CEO of IDAM House of Brands, said, “Bevzilla’s philosophy of replacing sugar with pure Date Palm Jaggery has already grabbed the attention of a lot of coffee enthusiasts, and with the latest additions, we aim to target a wider audience and provide our consumers the best coffee experience. The brand has already carved a niche in the F&B market and we hope to reach higher targets with the same consistency.“

The two new invigorating flavours, which are Gluten-free & Vegan friendly with no preservatives, no additives, or added sugar, are priced at INR 299 each making a single cup of coffee cost just as low as INR 6. Bevzilla is present in 100+ retail outlets, Amazon, its website and other leading retail stores like Foodhall, Nilgiris, The New Shop & more.

Bevzilla was founded in September 2020 by its co-founders, Divisha Chaudhry and Anurag Chhabra. Launched as an alternative to unhealthier options, Bevzilla made India’s first Instant Coffee Cubes that not only cut time but made a cup of coffee healthy. The cubes consist of pure Date Palm Jaggery which is sustainably sourced from the farmers of Tamil Nadu, making it not just the finest cup of coffee but also a brand that offers indigenous and sourced products using methods that do not cause any imbalance in nature or animal habitat.

Along with coffee cubes, its product range also deals with Instant Coffee Powder, Instant Iced Tea and Hot Chocolate. Bevzilla plans to roll out products in several markets across various GCC countries, including Dubai, to expand its reach in the coming days.