Camlin Fine Sciences, a leading supplier of diphenol derivatives, has introduced the much-awaited adorr™ vanillin range. It is manufactured at CFS facility in Dahej, India.

The leading global manufacturer of diphenols, Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. (CFS), launched the world’s leading fully integrated plant to produce Vanillin under the brand name ‘adorr™’ at its world-class facility in Dahej, India.

adorr Vanillin Premium

Produced in a fully integrated manufacturing process, CFS delivers product quality, stability, and complete traceability. It can ensure steady supplies to its customers through efficient technology and mainly locally sourced raw materials. adorr™, developed using the most acceptable Catechol route, adheres to the industry’s norms and principles of needed safety, environmental care and sustainability. The brand would also introduce speciality, customised products within the vanillin range to ease various applications.

adorr™ is synonymous with authenticity in every aspect and could be a value-addition for the food and beverage and F&F industries. adorr™ with a rich sensory profile (Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin), would serve as a flavouring substance for a wide range of industries, including incense and animal nutrition. CFS plant with planned capacities can meet the demands of the market. The facility is certified and follows the highest food safety and quality standards. Camlin Fine Sciences using its robust, worldwide distribution network, will reach out to customers anywhere on the globe.

CFS has announced the availability of the first edition of adorr™ starting on 22nd January 2023. Vice President – Aroma Ingredients, Mr. Eric Santos said, “It is our goal to provide our customers with products that meet their expectations, and our brand can deliver value for their end use.”

About Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS)

CFS has been dedicated to bringing science to everyday life. As a global company touching billions of lives everyday with its products, CFS is committed to improving the quality, efficacy, safety and sensory profile of food, petfood and feed. The company is also focused on enabling sustainable, nutritional products for customers across the globe. The company provides technical support to customers in more than 80 countries, along with tailored solutions.

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