Our food systems are highly animal agriculture based and thereby diversification is needed to reduce such climatic pressure occurring from one type of farming system. Consumption of a plant-based diet while consuming some amount of animal-based food products i.e., Dairy & Eggs is known as Vegetarianism. Significantly, consuming entirely plant-based food products while restricting any utilization of animal-based products is known as Veganism.

The Plant Based Food Systems which are based upon low energy inputs can reduce the environmental burdens caused by high energy input food system.

The Agro-Food Industry need to respond to this urgency through Plant-Based Food production and provision while also addressing global sustainability issues. Furthermore, India is a promising country acquiring naturally the benefits of vast agro-climatic zones dispersing the crop diversity assuring to become the flag bearer in the regime of Global Smart Protein.

India’s Plant-based food production is revolutionizing food processing and provisioning.

In view of this significant topic and to create awareness, ASSOCHAM with the support of Ministry of Food Processing Industries is organizing the National Conference on Plant-Based Food: Capturing Avenues to Intensify the Food Processing Industry on 8th February 2023, at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi. The conference will provide a platform for leaders in the Food Processing and Nutrition sector, Nutrition Practitioners, Scientists, Farmers, Industries, Organised Agriculture sector and Civil Society to discuss and share experiences on successes, and to deliberate the opportunities and challenges faced in ensuring food and nutritional security.

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