With increasing stress on environment friendly packaging food manufactures have been looking out for viable packaging alternatives – and the new improved tinplate can be the most suitable option, writes R Battish.

Tinplate Packaging will witness a significant growth in view of the phenomenal increase in organized retail in India. The fast changing consumer lifestyle is further creating a niche for convenience foods. In fact, cans have made a comeback with a bang, especially because of its food safety aspect. Tinplate containers are beginning to fill up large sections of the retail shelves.

Adorning the shelves are single reduced tinplate cans, double reduced tinplate cans, single piece extruded cans, easy-open-end cans, matt laminated cans, brightly printed cans, trendy slim cans, classy embossed cans, ready-to-serve food cans, ready to drink beverage cans, shaped cans, large cans, small single serve cans, spray cans, decorative tea caddies, confectionery cans, oil cans, dry fruit cans – the choice is endless.

With increasing stress on environment friendly packaging food manufactures have been looking out for viable packaging alternatives – and the new improved tinplate can be the most suitable option – in terms of cost, convenience and enhanced brand visibility.

Usage of tinplate packaging in India

Tinplate has been globally proven as the most trusted medium for packaging edibles. 70% of tinplate packaging around the world, is used for food packaging. However, in India, usage of tinplate packaging for food has not yet picked up. Out of this 50% of tinplate packaging is used for edible oils and 15-25 % is used for packaging of fruits and vegetables. For the edible oil sector, tinplate is universally accepted as the most suitable packaging medium, as it is not only safe and hygienic, but is also tamper-proof, easy to stack and transport. For instance, when transporting edibles to the remote hilly locations, only tinplate packaging thus be used, as they are most durable. For other food categories (Dairy, Fruits & vegetables, Cereals etc), it is a proven fact that only tinplate packaging is ideal when it comes to delivering the produce in a safe and sound condition to the consumers, especially across our Indian roads.

The Government of India has announced various policies facilitating the food processing industry. The recent budget has given a further impetus to processed food through many incentives, reduction of taxes, etc, which would have a favourable impact in accelerating the growth of processed and packaged food. To seize the opportunity and leverage the potential, many corporates, such as Reliance, Bharati, ITC, Tatas, Dabur, Marico and Calypso etc are taking big initiatives in this field. Previously many food companies used to import tin cans since good quality tinplate was not available in India, which they were finding quite expensive. But, during the past 3 to 4 years, things have changed. The quality of indigenously manufactured tinplate, as well as customized solutions are now of world standard. Therefore, these food companies are looking forward to tin-packs from India. In fact, Indian tinplate is exported and is now well accepted in international markets.

Tata Tinplate has been playing an active role in spreading awareness about the goodness of tinplate with an eye towards rapidly changing market scenario. Recent innovations have made Tata Tinplate much lighter and cost-effective as a packaging medium – while retaining the key mechanical properties of safety, durability, formability, long shelf-life, and high surface finish.

The tinplate manufacturers, along with the value chain partners (Can Fabricators, Fillers, Brand Owners etc), under the aegis of Tinplate Promotion Council “TPC” are engaged in pioneering the job of developing effective design solutions for packaging for various products like fruits, ready-to-eat food, confectionaries, sweets, edible oil, tea, etc. Packaging these in tin cans helps in retaining the original aroma and freshness of the produce. Several brand owners, especially for tea, are now reviving the age-old practice of packaging in Tin Packs, to ensure brand differentiation and gain competitive edge.

Now, with India poised to emerge as the ‘Food Factory’ to the world and the recent vision and thrust provided by the Government of India towards this industry, great opportunities of growth are envisaged in the area of food packaging, where tinplate is set to play a major role. As a pioneering brand, Tata Tinplate is fully geared to match the new market challenges, backed by increased productions, knowledgeable workforce, world-class technology and as a total metal packaging solution provider. The brand is actively interacting with strategic partners in the industry value chain – to promote the use of tinplate and spread awareness about tinplate as a WTO compliant, cost effective, consumer convenient, safe and attractive, 100% recyclable and highly eco friendly packaging medium.

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