KFC’s India Sahyog program pledges support to local & small food businesses. The Program aims to help 500 restaurants with business revival by 2022.

KFC's India Sahyog ProgramThe ongoing epidemic has had a huge impact on the foodservice industry and also on small restaurants and local food businesses. There are very serious battles for basic survival. To give back to the community that runs and supports local small food businesses in the country, KFC India announced KFC’s India Sahyog Program. The program will be implemented by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and the National Restaurant of India, designed to help local and small food joints revitalize their businesses while working to reverse the effects of Covid-19. In collaboration with (NRAI). KFC’s India Sahyog initiative also builds the brand’s global commitment to assist small food business owners, entrepreneurship in this context, thereby boosting the food industry growth in India.

Speaking of the brand’s efforts KFC India Managing Director, Sameer Menon said, “As a leading QSR brand in the country, we strive to grow together, not just in India, but to empower local food businesses and support their entrepreneurial spirit.” The ongoing pandemic has brought upon tough times for the F&B industry, and we have taken a step towards helping local food businesses recover from its impact. KFC’s India Sahyog will support 500 restaurants in strengthening their businesses over the next two years. This will, in turn, provide impetus to the growth of the restaurant industry.”

In the first phase of the program, select restaurants across Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore will have access to specially designed training modules on various aspects of the restaurant business. Designed to help to participate restaurants work on various aspects of business revival, the program includes training modules on Enhancing Sales & Customer Service, Improving Profitability, Food Safety, Hygiene & Sanitation. Participating food business owners would receive a certification by FSSAI, NRAI and KFC India upon completion of the modules. In the past, KFC India has pioneered a street food vendor training program in association with FSSAI, training over 1500 street food vendors across four states on food safety parameters. Besides, the brand also undertook a Food Safety Officers capability enhancement program along with the State Food Safety Authorities.

Talking about partnering on KFC’s India Sahyog initiative, Ms Rita Teaotia, Chairperson, FSSAI, said, “I am very glad that the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) and KFC India are coming together for this thoughtful initiative to support the Restaurant sector during the ongoing pandemic. Local restaurants across the country are an integral part of the urban economy. However, due to the heightened concerns around COVID, the food industry has been significantly impacted. FSSAI is supporting NRAI-KFC’s India Sahyog initiative with specifically designed modules for improving food safety and sanitization. With its rollout, we are confident that local restaurants will better safeguard the health and safety of their customers as well as employees. We are happy to be a part of this program and will extend our support to the initiative.”

Being an integral partner on the program, Anurag Katiyar, President, NRAI, said, “We are delighted to partner with a leading QSR brand as KFC India on their initiative to help the restaurant industry overcome the impact of Covid-19. Restaurants that do not have the means or access to necessary support, especially in the unorganized sector, require the timely guidance to sustain through these difficulty Covid times; else it’ll hurt the entire industry. It is extremely commendable of KFC India to address a key issue as profitability, along with other key aspects of the restaurant business. KFC is known for following the best international processes and hygiene standards across all restaurants. With their expertise and our vast network of restaurants, we are sure we would be able to help many participating restaurant owners in reviving their businesses from the impact of the ongoing pandemic.”